Danny Massaro

Danny Massaro Pictured Right

Danny Massaro Pictured Right at Book Launch

Founder of the ‘Winning Parent’ concept, Danny Massaro has provided training and one to one coaching to hundreds of parents of competitive sports performers. He has also provided extensive support for coaches in the area of parental relationships through seminars and personal mentoring.

Danny has been a Lecturer of Sports Coaching for 20 years. Throughout the last decade, he has taught at the University of Central Lancashire where he has mainly lectured on Master’s Program Modules in Coaching Philosophy, Coaching Processes, and Performance Psychology. He currently teaches on the ground breaking Elite Coaching Practice Level 4 Course that runs in conjunction with UK Sport and University of Central Lancashire, and whose participants are professional coaches employed by National Governing Bodies of Sport. In his time at the university Danny has won Awards for ‘Innovation in teaching’, and in 2013 he was awarded the ‘We Heart You’ special appreciation award direct from the University’s Students Union.

Danny has coached and mentored his wife since she became a professional squash player in 2002. In 2014, Laura became Women’s World Champion and became the only British woman in history to hold both The World Open and coveted British Open titles. In 2015, she won the U.S Open Championship for the second time and attained World Number One status. He has coached many other professional squash players too, with particular emphasis on the psychological support, and he continues to develop hundreds of younger players, some of whom have won National Championships and represented England. Danny has travelled the globe with his wife to all the major professional tournaments over the past eight years, thus experiencing rich understandings of different cultures and working under competitive pressure. Aside from the squash, Danny has supported many young professional performers with their psychological needs in soccer, swimming, boxing, ice skating, tennis, and athletics. Danny has recently had a chapter on the ‘Art and Science of Coaching’ published, where he gives his fascinating advice on coaching relationships, emotional intelligence, and how to involve sports science most effectively.